How to Lose Fat Fast… and NOT Gain it Back

3 Dec
We all have busy schedules. It’s not wonder we can’t find the time to commit to long-term fat loss

Everyone is looking for a shortcut or an easy way to lose weight. What’s the matter, are we too lazy to make a commitment to get rid of the flab and be healthy? Maybe it’s not so much laziness, but more that we are looking for something that fits into our busy schedules.

Weight loss and dieting are not our favorite social activities, but it may be necessary for a lot of us to use better judgment on what passes over our lips.

When it comes to weight loss, sometimes the simplest ways are the easy ways.

Most diets and weight loss programs require some type of counting; calories, carbohydrates, portions, fiber, amino acids and the like.

It may be that one of the best programs is a non-diet discovered, authored and promoted by Jon Gabriel, “The Gabriel Method.”

Jon was a morbidly obese financial guy in NYC until he discovered that his problems were mostly in his head.

Over the next two years, Jon lost more than 200 pounds and has kept if off by following a few simple rules.

Even more amazing is that the doctors who have examined Jon can find no evidence of his former obesity. His body is defined and his skin is taut with no stretch marks.

Jon’s success was achieved by reprogramming his mind to want to be thin. He removed the mental barriers that told his metabolism to store everything as fat because “fat is

There is a strong advocacy for a “paleolithic diet” among medical professionals. The contention is that our caveman ancestors did not have modern diseases because of how they ate. A pre-agricultural diet is what they promote.

The avoidance of refined grains, starches and sugars is the basis of caveman dieting. Meals are high in protein, natural vegetables (both raw and lightly cooked), fruits and nuts are considered paleolithic or the caveman style of eating.

Two doctors in Colorado, Michael and Mary Eades, MDs, wrote in “Protein Power Life Plan,” how they have been able to regulate and diminish types of diabetes by having patients practice a paleolithic diet regimen.

The long and short of it is that in order to lose weight and to keep it off, we have to make lifestyle changes.

We have to reprogram our minds to believe we have to be thin to be safe (think of a caveman running for a tree to win a race with a cave bear or lion).

We have to avoid processed foods, refined grains and sugars. Our meals should be “caveman style” with lots of protein from both meats and vegetables. We should get a lot of fiber and fruits.

Portion control is another aspect of weight control. We should begin with smaller servings and stop eating when we are satisfied, not gorging until we are full (and overfed).

We should avoid “empty calories” in the form of alcoholic beverages, sugary soft drinks and artificial sweeteners. We should snack on vegetables, nuts or seeds.

Our diets should include foods that supply Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids: Salmon, Tuna, Avocados and the like. We should cook with healthy oils like canola and olive oils.

Meditation, picturing ourselves in the body we want to have, should be engaged in several times per day. This reinforces our food regimen and helps program our subconscious.

Stay tuned for more fitness advice.

In the meanwhile,

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